10 Phases card game Apk

A must have for all Phase 10 and Rummy fans.
The objective of the game is to be the first player to complete the ten phases. However, beware: it’s not easy to win on the highest difficulty level!Features:
– Randomly generated phases or phases as in the ‘Phase 10’ card game
– Configurable number of players: 2-4
– Configurable game difficulty: 1-10
– Configurable game speed
– Player stats
– Undo function
– Clear UI design: NO music, NO irritating avatars!
– No online login required
– Only a few ads

Game rules are the same as in the classic Phase 10 game:
For each hand, each player’s objective is to complete and lay down the current phase, and then rid their hand of the remaining cards by discarding them on laid-out phases, called “hitting”. The player who does this first wins the hand and doesn’t receive a penalty; all other players earn penalty points according to the value of the cards remaining in their hand.
A Joker card “*” may be used to replace a number card and can also be used as any color to complete any phase.
Skip cards have only one purpose: to make another player lose their turn. To use it, give the “Skip” card to the player you want to lose their turn.

Please help us improve the game. If you find a bug, please send us an email with the error description. Many thanks.


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