360TUBE–VR apps games & videos Apk

Find VR 360 videos, apps and games the easy way! VR player & discovery in one.
360TUBE works in VR (Google Cardboard) and can also be used through touch (no headset required).

Monthly theme channel
Following our Halloween theme last month; This month we’ll introduce the Christmas Countdown! channel with nice and seasonal videos for the holidays.

Get your VR lifestyle rolling with this easy yet powerful key features:
– Broad compatibility (VR Google Cardboard) – *see full list below
– 360 degrees (3D) video in VR
– VR no gyroscope sensor required
– Remote videos streaming directly from YouTube
– Play normal (2D) videos in your home VR Cinema (loft apartment)
– Play your local files (from device storage / SD card)
– Daily updated feed of content
– List of best VR games and apps
– Controller support (easy rotation)
– Manage your own playlists and add favorites

So many Virtual Reality (VR) videos, games and apps out there, but what to get? 360TUBE offers up to 14 channels of coverage offering you easy and broad access to instantly playable (streaming) VR videos. You can control the videos through touch and rotate for a full 360 experience or event put on your VR Google Cardboard compatible headset and you can experience the videos as a full 360 (3d) experience as if you were there.

VR prime time is now with this easy VR app. Understand what the buzz is all about and let 360 TUBE be your chef and trump up the best VR content out there. Although parental guidance is advised for certain channels this VR app intended for family use. We do boycott content for adults only. Enjoy cool 360 videos with you friend, family and kids with guidance!

The 360 TUBE channels cover a broad range of topics from movies to sports, music to ‘s all there. Best off all each channel has a packed playlist that will keep you entertained for hours. Be sure to check-in daily as we update our daily picks for your convenience.

360 TUBE is now updated daily with fresh videos and VR apps for you to enjoy while you start your journey of discovery of what VR has to offer. Find the latest updates in the scary, roller coaster (thrilling rides), world sites, and many more. Do the math, you can’t go wrong with our currently most popular Scary channel with the best in Horror VR related 360 videos.

Next to the best videos you get to find and discover the coolest VR apps and games that are available, this all through watching free VR videos and trailers covering the hottest apps and games out there.

No need to go to the cinema or open your DVD box this Bring out the popcorn, it’s time for a home VR cinema experience. Join the next big thing in virtual reality and get your free copy of 360TUBE now! The VR player with 3d video and 2d* videos supported. Just pick your channel (category listed in subtitle) and instantly play the latest videos in VR (goggles mode) or without headset in touch mode.

VR headset compatibility includes all Android Google Cardboard headsets and the app has been tested on Samsung VR gear. Please contact us if you have any issues displaying 360 videos on your headset.

Now you don’t have to be a genius and scan the web for VR apps and videos. Just let 360TUBE do the job for you!
We love to hear from you and improve our product; so please don’t be shy and drop us an email or leave a review. Thanks for your support.

* Compatibility
Tested compatibility includes: VR KiX, VRTX One, Cmoar, Stooksy, Homido, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA, FIBRUM VR, VR View-Master, Nibiru. Samsung Gear VR is not tested and officially supported, but users have mentioned using it through separate app.

* 2D Videos
Videos that do not support 360 degrees rotation are displayed in your loft apartment on a huge wide screen TV. Your loft offers an amazing 360 skyline experience from your apartment terrace.

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