Account Hacker WA Prank free apk

In This Busy world people have very little time for enjoyments and sharing & caring with friends & colleges. For the purpose of enjoyment we developed a Prank app, which hack the password of your friend by asking few question about whatsapp account. Then it hack the account by simulation and you will be able to see all the conversation & chatts and data information of the friends. You can show your friend i hacked your account and can read,see you message, sms pictures/photos and whats app status etc;………………….. was a frank to make you crazy and funny. hay yeh bara mazhaq na yaroooo.

This app is prank or pirate and it purpose is to provide a little bit relax environment between the friends and colleges, girlfriends .

How to use this free App Password Whatsapp Hacking Prank 17

**Install this Free App from google play store for free on Smartphone or tablet like
** Open the app & on your cellphone and press start Hacking button
** If you are adult mean more then 16 year old then proceed
** Enter Whatsapp no or mobile no to hacking information using simulation.
** Enter Name of the user for searching in name data base
** May be u will be able to hack the password!!!!!!!!!!!! A prank
** Just Show this this no to your friend that i hacked ur google or Whats app make him then tell him relax yar it was prank.

Information hacking, Password hacking Database hacking or IT hacking are not legal.
If there are any Issues regarding this prank app .please contact the developer for correction.

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