Alb English Verbs – ADS Apk

• App developed to help my sons to learn and practice the tenses of the irregular English verbs for school / institute, on an easy way for them: Not studying, but playing: It works! (…And not only for children, but for all ages!).

• Learn, play and practice the tenses of the irregular English verbs.

• Designed for students of English of any grade / age: Primary, secondary, Or for anyone that wants to learn or practice the tenses of the irregular English verbs and/or their translation / meaning to Spanish or French.

• 3 app versions:

– Free / ADS: NEW , Free version with Ads to enable with 1 click (FREE) all irregular English verbs of the complete version.

– Free / Demo: FREE, with NO ads, version limited in the irregular English verbs list (not all irregular verbs of the list are available, although there are more than enough irregular english verbs to practice offline and learn). I would suggest to start with this free version. Then, once you have learnt the irregular English verbs of the free version, go either to the complete version, either to the ADS version (free).

– Complete version: Complete version with NO ads. Cheap! (Cost less than inviting to a coffee). 😉

• Irregular English verbs to practice and learn can be selected / unselected from the list.

• Resizable screen: Fits in any screen size, and can be adjusted for the smallest phones, to the biggest tablets, either in vertical, either in horizontal mode.

• Multilanguage: English, Spanish or French.

• App does not require any permission on Android 6 or higher, although to show the ads, it is needed to have Internet connectivity.

• In case of any problem, or if you think adding any additional feature would be helpful, please, send an email to [email protected]

• Play with your children to check who scores more, or simply, let the children play 10 minutes a In few days, they will learn the irregular English verbs in the 3 tenses without And if you want, you can also learn their translations and meaning in Spanish or French.

• With this app, you can:
– Practice and learn English irregular verbs in the three tenses (infinitive, past and participle).
– Change the study of irregular English verbs into a game to learn irregular English verbs.

• This app is simply a game that replaces the typical “pass the lesson” with Q&A (questions and answers): The app sometimes asks the infinitive, others the past, and others the participle; and if you want, the app can also ask the translation to Spanish or French. Based on play and practice, you will learn the irregular English verbs in the three tenses, as you learn at school / college (primary / ESO).

• Beware of the accents when used in Spanish or French!!!: Remember that in school / college (in primary and in secondary), if you do not write the accents, the answer can be set as “bad”: This app is not only useful to learn the irregular English verbs and their meaning in Spanish and French, but it’s also useful to learn to write with accents (you get used to it very quickly, because if you do not put the accent, the app will not give you the answer as valid!).

• I’ve taken the list of irregular English verbs from the list of irregular English verbs to learn at school and institute (primary, secondary / ESO).

• App Name:
Alb English Verbs ADS – Alb Verbos Ingles ADS – Alb Verbes Anglais ADS

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