Alcazar Puzzle Apk

It’s a new logic puzzle on its way to become a great classic. Unique, deep and captivating, the rules of Alcazar are radically simple: Enter the room, visit every square, and exit.

Alcazar is a brilliant way to sharpen your logic skills. Go ahead and try it! This game is not a waste of time.

These puzzles are pretty neat […] The way dependencies propagate is surprising and interesting-feeling.
– Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid and The Witness

I think it’s one of the – if not the – best game I’ve seen on a smartphone. And I have seen quite a few.
– Maik Riechel, beta tester

• Comes with more than 40 free puzzles.
• Hundreds of additional levels are available through in-app purchases.
• Each puzzle has a unique solution. No guessing needed.
• No ads, just great puzzles.

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