Animal Puzzles for Kids 3 android

Animal Puzzles for kids is an educational puzzle game for children up to 5 years old. This game contains many puzzles for kids, all of them free, and it has been designed by parents for their children.

Animal Puzzles for kids includes a parental control system in Facebook and More Games options, so that it is the father who enter these sites.

How to play to Animal Puzzles for kids:
The game is divided into 5 sets of puzzles of animals, each containing 10 puzzles for kids. The child must first choose a set of animals and then choose a puzzle in which the entire set of animals chosen.

Features of Animal Puzzles for kids:
– Amusing images of animals for children
– Nice background music
– Special effects, both sound and graphics
– Cute animations
– Reward System (balloons for the child to explode at the end of the puzzle of animals)
– Parental Control to make more complicated the child can click on Facebook or go to our web

This game has many types of animals, and a total of 50 puzzles for free.

Animal Puzzles for kids incorporates a soft background music and various special, both visual and sound effects for the child is comfortable playing.

With Animal Puzzles for kids your children will improve certain skylls:
– Attention
– Fine motor
– Creativity

Animal Puzzles for kids is a game where all puzzles for kids are for free. Our game of puzzles of animals for kids is based on the classic wooden puzzles, which we all played when we were young. But the advantage over traditional puzzles is that Animal Puzzles for kids is a digital game, so you must not pick up pieces that fall to the ground, or look for pieces that are lost. And also you have many puzzles of different animals in a single game.

In addition, our animal puzzle game has a system of rewards from balloons that your children can exploit when they finish the puzzle. It also positively reinforces the children with various animations and special effects.

The puzzle pieces are rectangular, because young children are easier to handle, and do not take away the puzzle any generality. In fact, if so, the ages at which it is intended this animal puzzles, children have more fun, and thus also improve further the qualities that we talked about earlier.

Our animal puzzle game have been developed based on observe our own children, and see what they like, what interest them and what things make them learn by playing. Our puzzle game of animals, which are also free puzzles are an ideal complement to the nursery because children will exercise and improve their fine motor skills, having to put the puzzle pieces with your fingers, dragging them across the screen.

Whether animal jigsaw puzzle, free puzzle, puzzle animals, or emulations of wooden puzzles, our game children’s puzzles is the best way for children entering the digital world of the hand of our phones and tablets. And knowing that they are working their basic skills.

So if you liked this jigsaw puzzle game animals, we ask you to give us the 5 stars and a small review and click on the Google Plus +1 button. Because this will help us improve the positioning of the game, and will help us to continue developing free games puzzles for all children.

We hope you enjoy our jigsaw puzzle game for kids, and your children have fun with our work.

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