Apple Shooter: Archery Master Apk

Apple Shooter: Archery Master is a perfect way to feel like a professional archer! If you are a fan of medieval weapon and admire first person shooters – this app will definitely impress you! Hit all the targets on the humans head and become a winner of this exciting archery tournament. Tree assistants will hold apples for you to shoot them. Try not to hit their heads or bodies. So, tense the string with sufficient strength, make allowances for the wind and hit the target! Be the champion of Apple Shooter: Archery Master 3D game!

Gain uneasy experience to become the real archery master. Be accurately and patiently as a real archer, but don’t give up after misses. Just tense your bow, aim the apple or bottle on the man’s head, get the best results and shoot at target! Complete different missions, surpass other participants and become a champion! Feel the pride of your accuracy playing Apple Shooter: Archery Master in 3D!

Enjoy the atmosphere of archery championship with our brand new Apple Shooter: Archery Master in 3D! . Try traditional longbow, compound bow or even self-bow, compel they qualities and choose the best for each type of missions. Raise up your archery skills, aim targets as a real bowmaster and try not to his your assistance! Hit the targets on time to achieve the highest results! Good luck!

Apple Shooter: Archery Master features:

– Ultimate archery tournament for the most precision archers
– Different missions to train your aiming and shooting skills
– 3 kinds of live target: man, woman and even clown
– Realistic 3 D graphics for full impression
– Great trainer for your accuracy
– Several kinds of bow and crossbow

Choose the bow or crossbow to shoot target on the head of a brave assistances. Improve your archery and aiming skills and try not to kill them. Your arrows have to hit all bottles and apples with high accuracy. Try to be as accurate as possible and get the highest score playing Apple Shooter: Archery Master in 3D!

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