Arms Routine for Teens Apk

Arms for Teens is a unique and the most result-producing teenage workout routine for arms for 30 days. It was developed by a certified personal trainer with a degree in human physiology.

This original arm muscle building workout was designed specifically for teenagers of 12+ years with the peculiarities of a juvenile organism taken into account. It contains a well thought-out selection of the best exercises for biceps and triceps to avoid unnecessary strain onto specific joints, eliminate injury and ensure safety during workouts with proper load.

The routine is mapped out for 1 month. You workout for two days in a row and each third day is the rest day. The number of sets and reps for each exercise is indicated for each workout day.

After you’ve completed one month of the routine, you can increase the dumbbells weight and start the routine from the very beginning, constantly making your arms bigger and stronger.

– Based on the principle of gradual load increase with the aim of bringing it to the maximum value – improve forever!
– Exercise anywhere – at home or at the gym.
– A great means to improve your upper body image by building those muscular tank top arms and start getting noticed and feeling confident.
– Includes detailed explanations for each exercise along with recommendations and photos to illustrate the correct execution techniques.
– Includes workout nutrition tips and diet recommendations.
– Includes the Workout Diary section to keep track of the workout progress.
– Get your questions answered with the FAQ section and the Feedback form to contact us!

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