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ATM also called as Cash Machine, Automated Teller Machine, Automated Banking Machine, Cash Point, or Mini Bank is a device that enables the customer to withdraw cash without the need of a human cashier. ATM Simulator – Kids Learning, Cash, Checking Account & ATM Games & Simulator make learning about ATM machines fun.

Hey Kids! Ever wanted to use your Papa’s Debit or Credit card on ATM Machine to get cash and buy toys like car, football, bear, duck, ship, horses and many more? Here your dreams come true with ATM Learning Simulator Free game.
Kids would love to act like adults and what could be better than handling cash and shopping. ATM Learning Simulator for kids gives your little ones a chance to learn to withdraw money from the cash machine and go to supermarket to purchase toys.
Come on and let’s have our own spooky bank account and debit card and draw money from ATM machine and head to toy store in this ATM Learning Simulator. There is no need to check the account balance. Enjoy mobile banking and transact the amount you want from the money machine.

How to play:
★ Enter into bank and get your debit card.
★ Enter your name and pin code.
★ Choose your pin code and get ready to take out dollars at the ATM machine.
★ Insert the ATM card and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Voila! Your money making machine has completed the transaction and delivered you cash. Have fun and learn how to get cash from the money machine using credit card or debit card.
Purchase toys and gadgets from the toy store.

★ Withdraw money with your own credit card!
★ Unique game play!
★ Go shopping in the toy store. Buy ball, car, tablet, camera, smartwatch.
★ Keep track of your Pin #, or go to the bank and update it!
★ Learn to register for debit card
★ Learn to manage your bank accounts
★ Withdraw shiny dollars
★ Casual Education Fun
★ Toys Supermarket
Just a fun way to get accustomed to learning how to use an ATM machine, and a fun game for kids to play!

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