Awesome Ringtones Apk

Awesome Ringtones are “real funny mp3 ringtones” for your smartphone that will cheer you up and make you smile whenever you hear them. Download this amazing musical app for free and listen to all the music tracks to find your favorite ones. The choice is not going to be easy, though! The good thing, however, is that you can actually use all of them at once. Set each melody as a notification for a different action: one for incoming call, one for sms alert, then for e-mail, alarm sounds etc. Also, there is the possibility to assign each of this “best ringtones 2015” to specific contacts from your phone book. Isn’t this amazing? Take this chance and turn your phone into an awesome soundboard – make it ring with club music mix, “dj sound effects”, car sounds effects and other funny noises, relaxing music tunes and much more!

♪ This is the best ringtone app for Android™!
♪ High quality message tones, ring tones and sounds for your mobile phone;
♪ Includes 10 phone sound effects, you will be given the first ten tunes immediately, the rest of them will be unlocked over the next five days:
♪ DJ mix, club music, techno remix, house music, relaxing ringtones, funny sounds, crazy ringtones and text messages tones and more;
♪ Easy to use interface: just tap once to preview the sound and press on settings button to set it;
♪ Set as a ring tone, SMS notifications, “alarm clock sounds” or assign it to specific contacts;
♪ Completely free, this is the full version;
♪ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;
♪ Awesome Ringtones 2015 are the funniest “free music ringtones” that you must have!

“Notification sounds and ringtones!”

These sound effects will make you laugh and surely put a smile on your face, you will simply love them! “Funny sounds”, tones, notification ringtones for text message, warning calls and “alarm sounds” will definitely put you in a good mood and make your Android™ device stand out from the crowds of unoriginal, default Android™ ringtones! Get “cool notification sounds” with a huge collection of carefully picked tones and enjoy listening to the most interesting melodies when somebody is ringing you. Try to relax and have fun with entertaining and relaxing sounds which are a part of this popular app. Simply said, this “awesome ringtone app” features some of the best music sounds that will make you feel special when you see someone calling or writing to you, and it can be yours totally free, don’t miss it!

“Ringtones for Android phone™” and tablet!

Awesome Ringtones is a collection of hilarious ringtones and notification sounds, that will turn your mobile device into a lean, mean, funny machine! Download this “free ringtone app” now and the next time your phone rings hear the voice telling you to pick up your telephone, or some awesome club party mix, dance music, cool new sound effects, unknown caller melody and other “very funny ringtones”! If you are bored with your default sound effects for Android™, use this opportunity to make some change! “Awesome Ringtones” to download for free are here for you, get them now and high quality music, sweet tones, notification sounds and melodies will make your day perfect, and your smartphone absolutely unique! No one’s mobile will beep like yours will only if you obtain these “new ringtones 2015”! Download them for free and share the amazing melodies with your friends, they’ll be thrilled! Best “sound effects soundboard” with awesome music ring tones for your mobile phone! Get this great app right away and download techno ringtones for free! Choose from a variety of “mp3 notification ringtones”, and set them as your phone call alert, notification and sms sound, wake up alarm or assign it to some special contact, it’s totally up to you!

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