Battery Optimizer & Cleaner Apk

Get the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet with Intel® Security Battery Optimizer & Cleaner. This all-in-one app gives you:

• QUICK BOOSTER – improves your phone’s performance and provides an instant summary
• BATTERY SAVER – extends your battery life by flagging battery-draining apps
• STORAGE CLEANER – removes hidden and unnecessary app-related files, including blurry or copied photos, and ad files, freeing up more space for you
• MEMORY CLEANER (SPEED BOOSTER) – accelerate your Android speed by removing temporary data from apps
• MOBILE DATA MONITOR – monitors your mobile data usage so you can avoid overage fees


Free up memory, clean up storage and save more battery with just one tap straight from the app’s main screen.

When your battery is running low, ever wonder how much time you’ve got left? Get real-time estimates on how many hours (or minutes!) your battery has left based on what settings are running. We’ll suggest the ones you might want to close to keep your battery running longer.
We also automatically detect power consuming apps so you can choose to stop it with just one-click. Save more power on the spot with easy sensor shortcuts from the main screen. The battery life indicator displays the exact battery life in the status bar.

Every once in a while, your device could use a good spring clean. Storage Cleaner checks for hidden and unnecessary files you don’t need hogging up your device. We flag any extra-large (10MB+) or temporary files ready to delete. You always have control on what to remove and what to keep. This includes those pesky blurry or similar photos, and apps or files you haven’t used in a while. We’ll help you remove them to reclaim even more space and speed. We’ll even check your SD card, if you’re using one.

It happens. We all have accidentally taken a blurry photo of a foot or copy the same photo twice. We hunt down photos like these to help you free up more space. Never miss capturing a special moment again because you don’t have enough space. Like Storage Cleaner, we’ll check your external SD card too, if you’re using one.

When your device seems to be running slow, it might be due to background activities you don’t need at the moment. Memory Cleaner flags these activities and lets you choose which ones should take a break, giving back the speed you need to do what you really want.

Surprise! You went over your monthly data limit and now have an extra bill to pay. Data Manager stays on top of your data usage and lets you know when you’re getting close to your limit. See exactly how much data is being used by each app, and choose the ones you want to stop.

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