Beetle Bubble Shooter Apk

Go on a miniature adventure at the bubble shooting forest and meet all the little woodland animals. Download and play the fun and addictive Beetle Bubble Shooter game for free, available on Google Play and just perfect for your tablet or device.

Fun Features:
– Over 1000 colorful levels to enjoy, filled with vivid bubbles and cute forest beetles
– Beautiful graphics and effects
– Awesome boosters that will help you in your journey
– Exciting adventure at the magical bubble forest
– Explore all the different settings and advance through levels

How to Play:
– Drag your finger to move the laser sight and lift it to pop bubbles
– Pop and smash all the bubbles until you clear the board
– Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to burst the group and level up.
– Swap bubbles without limit and plan ahead your shots.
– Reach high scores and try getting 3 stars on every level.

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