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App name change: “BlackVue C” becomes “BlackVue”.
In order to clarify our app lineup, we decided to change the former “BlackVue” app into “BlackVue Legacy” and change the Cloud-compatible “BlackVue C” into “BlackVue”.
Going forward, the new “BlackVue” app will be updated regularly, while the “BlackVue Legacy” app will still be available for download, but no longer be receiving updates.

BlackVue is the latest companion app for your BlackVue dashcam. It works with all the Wi-Fi-compatible models and includes access to BlackVue Over the Cloud*. Creating your BlackVue Over the Cloud account is simple and free. After creating your account, you can register your compatible BlackVue and start setting it up to connect to a hotspot and enjoy the following features:
▶Remote Live View – Remotely monitor your car in real time.
▶Two-way Voice Communication – Talk with people in the car from your smartphone.
▶Emergency Alarm – Receive notifications on your phone when preset events occur.
▶Video Backup – Move files from your dashcam to the Cloud storage or your smartphone/tablet, right from the app.
▶GPS Tracking – Visualize on a map your car’s location and speed
▶Remote Video Playback – Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime on your smartphone or tablet.

▶Cloud compatibility:
– DR650S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR650GW Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)

▶Supported models*:
– DR650S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR750LW-2CH
– DR650GW Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR600GW-HD
– DR550GW-2CH
– DR530W-2CH
– DR500GW-HD
– DR500W-HD

* Available features depend on the BlackVue model you use.
** If you have any problems using the app, don’t hesitate to contact us at cs@

▶For more info and news about BlackVue, visit:

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