Blocky Tank Wars app

Get ready for some intense tank battle action!

We present you with Blocky Tank Wars – a cool combat simulation game featuring various tanks, deadly opponents, cool destructible maps and more.

You can unlock a total of 10 different modern tanks to play with – each being unique and having it’s set of advantages and disadvantages against opponents. There’s 3 cool battle maps in first release of game (more to come for sure) – and cool thing about that is – part of those maps are destructible objects – you can smash through whole building and some military equipment located on maps. Use that to your tactical advantage while in combat.

Longer you survive inside single arena – more tanks you can destroy and that way you get more in game cash at the end, which you can use to upgrade your tank. There’s 3 different upgrades available and each should help to improve tank’s war capabilities.

Download today and have fun!
Feel free to send any feedback about the game, we take player’s input very seriously.

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