Bosch Unit Converter Apk

The Bosch Professional Unit Converter turns a smartphone into a universal unit converter. The ideal app for quick conversions on the building site or in the workshop. Fast and simple conversion of:- length units ( conversion from cm into inch)
– distance ( conversion from km into m or yd)
– volume ( conversion from l into m³ or fl ouz)
– mass ( conversion from kg into lb)
– temperature ( conversion from °C into °F)
– speed ( conversion from km/h into mph or m/s)
– wind speed (conversion from bft into km/h)
– pressure ( conversion from pa into bar)
– power output ( conversion from kW into PS)
– fuel consumption (conversion from l/100 km into mpg) The Bosch Unit Converter is a simple way to quickly convert between a variety of highlight: The Bosch Unit Converter is free of charge and app is provided free of charge by Bosch Professional, the leading manufacturer of power tools for trade and Professional provides many other free digital tools for smartphone. We summarized these in the “Bosch Toolbox”, the app with many useful tools for craftsmen and other professionals, including apps like the Pro-Flashlight.
Naturally all Bosch Professional apps are of the usual high Bosch Bosch! Real professional! Blue power tools: For trade and industry.

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