CA24 Mobile Apk

CA24 Mobile app allows Credit Agricole Bank Polska customers to manage current accounts, credit cards, saving products and loans on mobile devices. In the application you can; make a transfer, repay a credit card, Top Up mobile phones or open a deposit.

Before using the app you should sign the electronic banking agreement (Umowa Bankowości Elektronicznej CA24), signing is possible through CA24 Internet service, CA24 telephone service and Credit Agricole branches.

Activating the application is necessary before logging in. Use your ID and key set for CA24 Internet service. During activation you will set mobile password – for logging in, and mobile PIN for authorizing the transactions. Activation is confirmed with SMS password.

Detailed list of CA24 Mobile functionalities:

Current account
– account list and details
– transaction history and details
– hold list and details
– debit card list
– payments, recipient list
– Standing Order list preview
– phone Top Up
– PDF transaction confirmation

Credit card account
– account list and details
– transaction history and details
– hold list and details
– payments (from account, also within ‘Twoje rachunki’ feature)
– credit card repayment
– phone Top Up
– PDF transaction confirmation

Savings and deposits
– saving account list, details and history
– term deposits list, details and history
– regular savings programs (PSO)
– deposit opening (including promotional deposits)
– withdrawal from and payment to saving account

– loan list and details
– transaction history
– repayment plans

– change mobile PIN and password
– events log
– geolocation
– Click2Call
– Click2Mail
– Apply for Loan
– Travel Package form
– currency converter
– exchange rates table
– QR Code scanner and generator
– demo version

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