Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker Apk

This app is both a call blocker and an SMS filter. You can easily block calls and messages from any unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.

If you are tired of annoying calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and robocalls, then “Calls Blacklist” is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful call blocker.

You can either block numbers from your contacts list, calls, and messages logs, or add them manually. Numbers from the blacklist are blocked quietly and without any signs of a call. Whatever you do, you will not be distracted by phone calls or SMS.

What’s more, you can block calls from a range of numbers using the “Begins with” option. This option can be very effective against robocalls, as they often use similar numbers which only differ from each other only by the last digits. Alphanumeric numbers, which are usually used for SMS spam, can also be blocked.

The app saves all blocked calls and messages in the “Log”. Also it provides you with notifications regarding the blocking, but you can disable this option in the app’s “Settings”. Don’t worry, you will never lose any important call or message.

Sometimes, you simply don’t want to talk to anybody and the app can help you. Using the “Schedule” function, you can set specific times when you want to block calls or messages to your phone.

However, if you don’t want to lose your connection with certain people, “Calls Blacklist” also provides a “Whitelist” feature for you. The app will never block calls or SMS from numbers of this list.

Finally, this call blocker does not consume any of your device’s battery power, memory or CPU resources.

– Blacklist (list of blocked numbers).
– Whitelist (never blocked numbers).
– Can block calls from: unknown, anonymous (private or hidden) numbers.
– Also from: range of numbers (“Begins with” option) and alphanumeric numbers.
– Schedule function.
– “Log” of blocked calls and messages.
– Blocking notifications (can be disabled in the settings).
– Enable and disable blocking with one click.
– Save/load blacklist.

– Robust call blocker.
– Works on all devices.
– Easy to use and lightweight.
– Does not consume memory or CPU resources.

– Why do I need to set “Calls Blacklist” as default in the SMS app for Android and later? It is necessary in order to enable the app to provide its SMS blocking function. This is due to the limitations inherent in Android and later, which only allows one app to manage messages.

– How can I remove the icon in the status bar? To disable this icon, open the app’s “Settings”. Next select the “Notifications” section and turn off the “Status bar icon” option.

– How can I unblock numbers? Simply remove the number you wish to unblock from the blacklist (click on the number and select “Delete” in the pop up menu).

If you have any questions about the program, please let us know by e-mail: support@

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