Car Wash Spa & Salon Kids Game Apk

Car Wash Spa & Salon Kids Game

Do you too have the compulsive urge to keep your car clean?

Now, here’s the chance to develop a clean habit.
Now specifically if you’re a car lover, you’ll know the bloat in your gut when you see a dirty car. Give these dirty cars a makeover in this free car wash game made especially for kids. Scrub the cars, swipe the dust off them, and make them shiny clean. Add a stunning wheel cover to the car from the many cars available. Whether it is a luxury car, a sports car, a wild jeep, a towing van or the car of a cop; all of these are dust and dirt laden from the city and need your help to wash and clean.
Just pick up the car you like by simply touching the screen and have it parked in your car wash salon and spa. First scrub off the dirt, spray some water, rub the shampoo all over and give it a clean dry. Polish the car exterior and give it that touch of extra.

The Car Wash Spa & Salon Kids Game is an experience for kids to learn the perspective of cleanliness and how important it is to inculcate good habits. Have the Car Wash Salon installed on your android phone for free and let your kids visit car salon to learn how to keep things clean and shiny.
After all, who doesn’t like a shining and clean car?

Download Car Wash Spa & Salon Kids Game for free today!!

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