Chest Tracker For Clash Royale free apk

First of all, we must know that the chests obtained from battles in “Chest Tracker” is not random, plus follow a fixed sequence. (Except Super Magic Chest, Epic Chest and Legendary Chest).

Application Features:
1) Find out your current position of the trunk in the trunk cycle.
2) Tell yourself which four chests follow.
3) Tell yourself how many more chests up the next chest in, or giant chest and magic chest.

This is a non-commercial fan application generated online for Fan content purposes only, limited to displaying and identifying Royal Clash to the extent permitted by the Fan Content Policy: Com / 105212362067253744089 / messages / DMUmssSgRt8

• Easy register system.
• Probability of fall Percentage of chest (if position is unknown).
• You can check the default lock cycle.
• Shows on the order of days until (giant / magic).
• Displays the last chest
• See the contents of each chest.
• Floating Widget (allows you to follow the chests in the game)

When you open the first time, you will be entering an application tour, with all the information you need.
You will be asked if you know your current chest position. If you are at the beginning of the game in position 0. If you have used another application, specify the exact position you are entering. Otherwise, just on “I do not know” and the tool will find it for you.

To access the float widget, go to the settings and activate it. You can adjust the size and transparency as you want.

○ You can reset the tracking process by pressing the “reset” button on the tracking page.
○ You can click on the boxes inside the “history” panel on the content tracking page.
○ To access the slide in the menu at the top right or in the upper left.
○ You can click on the boxes inside the rotation page for the content.

Clan Commodes, Tournament, Legendary and Epic Commodes are all here for you to open for free!
Clash Royale Simulator simulates the odds of dropping the cards from all 11 chests in Clash Royale and this may be the application where you can try your luck!
Outside of the opening chests, you can win cards and improvements to Max level to see how powerful they are!
How Much Super Magical Commodes Do I Need to Deposit an Electro Wizard? Is it possible to get a legendary card of wooden chests? How many cards and parts are needed to upgrade a Goblin Dart to the maximum level?
Chest simulator for Clash Royale might just have all the answers prepared for you!

– 70 Cards: Dart Goblin, Executioner, Battle Ram and Goblin Gang included
– 11 Commodes Simulator: Wood, Crown, Silver, or, Magic, Giant, Super Magic, Epic, Legendary, Tournament, Clan
– 10 Arenas from Goblin Stadium to Arena Legendary

This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible.
All images of Commode, background, pop-up and wires are belongs to Supercell!
For more information, see:

Supercells Fan Policy on content:

Press to open Chests
Collecting Cards
Updating maps

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