ChordProg Ear Trainer Apk

Want to learn to play by ear? Free ear training tool for the intermediate musician.

If you give this tool a try you will learn to recognize chord progression and your musical understanding will skyrocket. This is one of the few ear training tools that actually puts music theory in a musical context. Real audio clips, a real piano with valid progressions played in many different styles.

Some clips have melodies on top, others are just plain chords with different voicings. Your job is simple. Try to pick out the chord progressions. That’s it. That’s what this tool is design to teach you. Recognize chords.

– Learn to recognize chord progressions by ear.
– Practice chord transposition, with live feedback.
– Hundreds of free real audio clips.
– Practise with relative chords. Roman numerals or diatonic functions.

If you ever want to work as a musician or just be able to play what ever you want without to much practise ear training is vital.

If you learn how to think about music in a structured way, memorizing new pieces of music becomes easy. You will pick up on patterns in the music quicker. You will learn to see the similarities in music. Improvising becomes fun, and your playing is only limited by your technical capabilities.

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