Closet Monsters app free

> Make your own baby monster and play in the closet!
> Create monster makeup and manicure, brush and fix teeth, play brain surgery, and more!
> Mix different monster parts and create hundreds of different Closet Monsters!

Three little Closet Monsters feel so lonely in the wardrobe. They want to play! Meet your new monster friends – vampire girl Lisa, baby dragon Draco and fluffy monster Furry. Have tons of monster fun: grow monster hair from flower seeds, clean mushrooms in their ears, make a green monster smoothie from spider webs and worms, and more!

Closet Monsters love to change how they look so free your imagination and make your own baby monster! Mix different haircuts, monster parts, wings, eyes, clothes and accessories, and build hundreds of funny and cute Closet Monsters!

**If your kids are afraid of monsters and can’t sleep at night, let them play with Closet Monsters and all fears will be gone for good!

– Catch little bats in Lisa’s hair!
– Clean spider webs from her dress, clean mushrooms form her ears and fix Lisa’s teeth!
– Make a monster smoothie from spider webs and worms, and feed Lisa!
– Put vampire lenses in Lisa’s eyes and apply monster makeup with white powder, mascara and eye shadows!
– Give Lisa a manicure, polish her nails and decorate her hand with scary rings, gloves and tattoos!
– Play vampire dress up and mix different haircuts, monster parts, wings, eyes, clothes and accessories!
– Create your own vampire girl and take a picture of her!

– Brush and fix Draco’s teeth to fight the smelly breath!
– Decorate horns on Draco’s head and tail with cool patterns!
– Grow Draco’s hair from flower seeds, water them and make a birds nest on his head!
– Take care of little birds who settled on Draco’s head!
– Choose new skin color, haircut and body parts for Draco, dress him how you like and build your own baby dragon!

– Use your hairstylist skills: cut Furry’s hair with scissors and shave his fur!
– Plant special seeds, water them and grow new hair for Furry!
– Comb Furry’s hair and make a stylish monster hairdo!
– Dress up Furry like a monster rock star!
– Catch lice in Furry’s hair and play brain surgery!
– Dress up Furry for Photoshoot: mix haircuts, skin colors and monster body parts!
– Make your own version of Furry monster and take a photo of your new friend!

* 3 cute baby Closet Monsters, all ready to play with kids!
* 9 crazy monster games with unexpected tasks!
* Creative tasks for kids like building your own monster!
* Hundreds of different Closet Monsters that you can create!
* Cute and funny animations and sounds!
* Helps to get rid of monster while playing super fun games!

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