Cubic Basketball 3D Apk

This is fully physics based 3D funny basketball game. All you need to is click one button, jump and try to first 5 baskets for win!

You can jump with one-button easy controller and make some basket!

– Customizable player forms. You can unlock various forms with earned golds.

– You can active 10 Power-ups in this game. Like Big ball, Small

– Realistic basketball nets.

– You can play against a friend or try to earn medals in tournament mode.

– Customizable match and weather settings. Rain, Snow or Normal weathers.

– Challenge in 3 Big tournament mode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!

– Select your country and play against other countries for more challenge!

– Up to 4 players support with 2 buttons mode.

– Sweet graphics.

Click, jump and make some basket!

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