Daum Mail – 다음 메일 Apk

Daum Mail – The smartest mail app

The new Daum Mail app is a powerful e-mail client that helps you to manage all of your e-mail accounts & messages in one app!
It supports many email services via standard Internet email protocols: IMAP/SMTP/POP3.
No additional fee for using our special features. It’s 100% FREE!

1. Check all your e-mail messages in one App! It’s an e-mail collector that gathers all of your e-mail messages(from work, school, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) in combined client.

2. For @ and @ domain, there is no necessity to send separate messages to your friends& colleagues to make sure if they have read you emails. From now on, Daum Mail app will inform you!

3. Just swipe your messages to Archive or Delete. To change the default setting(Swipe to Delete), go to Settings and select ‘Swipe to Archive’.

4. Easily categorize your messages in 4 types of filter: Starred, Attached, Unread and To Me! Check all of your Starred messages in one page by a single click.

5. View your messages by conversation. Check your sent & received messages in thread view.

6. Fun stickers! Use them when writing to your loved ones.

7. Optimized view for tablet users. Feel the maximized user-experience with a wide tablet view.

8. Customize the font size of your email (both title and text).

9. Set your own Signatures to express your identity or character, which will be shown at the bottom of your email.

Your email addresses and passwords are safely encrypted on your device.

Daum Mail app requires Android Gingerbread or higher.
(Swipe function, scrollable&resizing Widget needs or higher OS version)

If you have any inquiries or inconveniences, visit Daum Customer Service Center.
* Support : Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL(America Online) mail, iCloud, Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, GMX, Naver, Daum (hanmail), Nate, QQ, 163, 126 and more.

Daum Customer Service Center
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– Contact us:

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