Death Race ® – Shooting Cars free apk

Do you have what it takes to compete in this combat racing game? The only rule is survive. Choose the most furious vehicle, the most destructive weapons and drive in the new death racing game! Overtake your car rivals and upgrade your cars and guns, enjoy with this racing and action game, killer all of them and dominate this driving game with shoots!

Genera Games, in collaboration with Universal Pictures, launches the official game of the movie “Death Race”, fight for your freedom in a PvP combat car game on the new battle arena game. Enter in this racing and shooting simulator destroying your car opponents, your rivals firing will not be able to against all your weapons in this game with realistic graphics, discover an uncharted action game!

Heat the engine, prepare the firearms and burn the asphalt in this death race game with cars and guns. Get the best score driving faster, shooting up with a 100% of precision and ending up the race with all life, the ultimate racing combat is waiting for you in this action and cars game! Upgrade your arsenal and personalize your vehicle with the rewards that you win on each mission, make an unstoppable combat car!

Enter in this car racing and fighting game, choose the most fiercest vehicles and drive on the most dangerous highway and shoot your improved weapons. With simple movements of your fingers you will have to annihilate your opponents. Tune your powerful cars and guns, play with realistic graphics and destroy your rivals to reach the finish line in this extreme racing experience, start the Death Race!


Become a car killer, level up your driving skills after every race and choose between sports cars, trucks, SUVs and muscles, discover all kinds of cars are waiting for you, hitting the asphalt in this mustang racing game! Select amazing skins, modify their colors and share your new car on Facebook, fight for survival in this vehicular combat action game! Set the engine power and no one could beat you the road in this highway shooting simulator!

Improve your weapons: rocket launchers, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns … and be the most furious player in this racing game with shoots! Equip yourself with our power-ups and end up with your car rival in seconds: X-Rays highlighting, increasing damage to your weapons, improving your defenses, the most destructive equipment is in this car death racing game!

Fight against the most furious rivals in our history mode and survive in this vehicular combat game!
Do you like the prizes? Compete in the challenge mode, win 5 death races in a row and you will get a good booty, the difficulty will increase in this shooting car racing game to get better rewards!
Every day 3 daily careers await you, annihilate your car opponents and complete the most dangerous arena car game!
Scale positions in the ranking mode, will you be able to overcome all levels and become a true killer car in our PvP car game? Drive with the death race style and enjoy the ultimate shooting car game!

Striking 3D graphics and realistic cars and weapons! Among millions of jumps, drifts, bursts, weapons, enhancers … spectacular non-stop action is waiting for you in this racing and drifting game!
Choose the most destructive copilot to help you during this racing game with fighting, upgrade your guns and vehicles to become the most furious team!
Unique control system and intuitive interface, drive and shoot all kinds of weapons only with two fingers, unleash your fury in this car racing and shooting game!

Enjoy our spectacular and destructive trailer, see this brutal car shooting game in action and start with our racing and fighting game now:


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