Drawing for kids! Christmas download

Drawing has always been an amusing and creative activity for children of all ages. Our colorful Christmas drawing game will be an excellent entertainment for your girls and boys.

There is nothing more fun than watching your own creations come to life! Children will trace the contour lines of each character. As they finish tracing, the characters begin to dance to the accompaniment of charming music.

Our educational App will definitely spark the creativity of your child. It will be enjoyed by children of preschool age (ages 3 +) as well as by toddlers (1+). It is a game and a cartoon at the same time. As soon as your child completes the drawing it magically comes to life.

This game will also teach your child to draw step by step following the examples. In our game your child can draw with their fingers or stylus. This is a great exercise for developing fine motor skills, imagination, artistic abilities, logic, attention and perseverance. It will also play a positive role in general development of your child.

This game has a simple and user friendly interface. And if your little Picasso is not happy with his creations, he can do them again. A finished picture can be saved in a photo gallery.

This game teaches, developes and trains:

– creative abilities;
– attention;
– imagination;
– perception of colors;
– fine motor skills;
– logic;
– introduces the concept of “part and whole”.

Our game is:
● Children’s educational drawing game
● Cute characters for drawing
● Splendid animations for small children (1+)
● Unique teaching method
● Trace the contour lines
● Capability for drawing with fingers or stylus
● Fine motor skills development
● Clear and simple interface manageable even for 2+
● Convenient step by step automatic drawing instructions
● Drawing by examples
● Quality design
● Unique game mechanism
● Unlimited creative possibilities
● Interesting and entertaining drawing game for children 3-6
● Great for boys and girls alike
● Option to save your drawings
● Prepares little hands for writing
● Develops artistic talents
● Parental gate

Drawing with “Drawing for Kids. Christmas” is fun, easy, and exciting! Wishing you and your families the best of the Christmas season, health and happiness.


This app has been created by Bini Bambini, a software company which develops fun learning apps and interactive educational games for young children and toddlers .
Our kindergarten and preschool apps are distinguished by high quality content with particular attention to design. The simple and user-friendly interfaces of our apps have been especially created for little ones. The purpose of all our apps is aimed for your child’s all-round development.

With our apps kids learn the alphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. The apps help preschoolers to develop memory, attention span, vocabulary and speech, as well as other basic skills. Children are exposed to writing and counting through building puzzles and doing simple math.

As a company we strive to make our apps practical, instilling a desire for knowledge, interest in reading and studying. Our apps contain no third party advertising and comply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.

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