Epson iProjection for android

Epson iProjection is an intuitive mobile projection app for Android devices. Epson iProjection makes it easy to project images/files wirelessly using an Epson projector with network function. Move about the room and effortlessly display content from your Android device on the big screen.

Key Features

What it enables you to do:
1. Display documents stored in your Android devices.
2. Display images stored in your Android devices “Gallery” library
3. Display web pages.
4. Use the built-in projector remote control feature to control input sources, AV mute, operate menu, zoom by finger with Touchpad and more.
5. Send files from your email or cloud storage apps to the iProjection app and save your annotation to your device.
6. Marker function enables highlighting and annotation of projected photos and documents and also saving annotation to your device
7. Display Android device’s screen for Android or later.
*Content from Other Apps is displayed when your device is connected to the projector.
Supported file formats and Activities
File formats supported
-Adobe PDF (PDF )
Also supports cloud file services such as Dropbox or email accounts (duplicated files only).

Multi-Window in Android or later is not supported in Epson iProjection.

Activities not supported
-Connection to multiple projectors
-Sound/Video playback
Projectors supported
For the list of all supported projectors, go to


3240/5240/5250Pro /7240 Pro/9200 Pro


BrightLink Pro

G7900U(NL)/G7905U(NL)/G7500U(NL)/G7400U(NL)/G7200W(NL)/G7000W(NL)/G7805(NL)/G7100(NL)/Z9750U(NL)/Z9870U(NL)/Z10005U(NL)/ Z10000U(NL)/Z11005(NL)/ Z9870(NL)/Z11000W(NL)/


PowerLite Home Cinema

TW530/TW570//TW5350/TW5300/TW5210/TZ1000 /TW6800/TW6700W/TW6700/TW6300

All products necessitating an access point

Android devices supported:
– Smartphones or tablet PCs that support Android or later
LCD panel size should be more than 800×480(WVGA)

We welcome your feedback, but please understand we cannot reply separately.

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