Escape Egg House Apk

Escape if you can from the garden by finding the clues carefully hidden.
Earn more points by finding all the clues as soon as possible.

If you are in trouble use the HELP button and try to follow that instructions.

• Great Scenario
• More puzzle to solve
• Find Hidden Objects
• Eye-catching Game

The objective of this game to find all the six colored stones and apply in the cave’s entrance near the hen.

Get a knife from the top of the tree and tear the pink color ball to get a color code.
Apply the color code on the tree above and get a colored stone.
Take the hammer from the tree and hit the green colored box to get another colored stone.
Open the hole in the tree to get a colored stone.
Click the parrot to get a colored stone.
Open the flower at the bottom to get another colored stone.
Click the beetle on the right side and get a three digit code.
Use the three digit code in the numbered box in the middle of the garden to get a brown pebble.
Get another pebble from the right side hole in the tree.
Get a pebble from the middle of the wheel.
Open the footpath to get a pebble.
Use all the four pebbles in the table on the left for a key. Use the key in the cave door to get a colored stone.
Apply all the colored stones in the door near the hen for escaping. Good luck.!

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