Escape Turkey Cage Apk

Help Turkey to Escape from cage by finding the clues in the garden.
Earn more points by finding all the clues as soon as possible.

If you are in trouble use the HELP button and try to follow that instructions.

• Great Scenario
• More puzzle to solve
• Find Hidden Objects
• Eye-catching Game

The objective of this game to make the turkey escape from its cage.
Five skull pieces in the garden, get them in the top of the house, from the tree on the right.
Get the clue on the tree trunk and use it in the puzzle on the log in the middle for another skull piece.
Get a saw near the tree and cut the log to get another skull.
The bird house in the middle gives you another skull.
Place all the skulls near the cave and get a key.
Get two butterflies from the garden, one on the left and one on the middle.
Get a grasshopper on the top.
Cut the watermelon with the knife got from the rock and get a beetle.
Use all the four insects in the cave for a box.
Use the key in the box for the key which opens the turkey’s cage.
Good luck!

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