Expert Guide Pokémon Go Apk

Expert Guide Pokemon Go introduces its complete guide for the game Pokemon Go by Niantic. You will find all the details, tips and tricks you need to know about the game and your Pokemons. We also propose calculation tools and complete Pokédex to help you find out IVs and CPs of your Pokemons and wich ones are the best for your team.

1 – Advanced personal Pokédex
2 – Begginner tutorials
3 – Arenas and fight system
4 – Pokéstops and objects
5 – Eggs and hatching
6 – Upgrade your Pokémons
7 – Evolutions
8 – Shops
9 – News

**** DISCLAIMER: ****
This app is an unofficial guide for the game Pokémon Go by Niantic. This app is conform with US Copyright directives and fair use rights. If you think that some content is acting against one of the right previously mentionned, please let us know by contacting us.
Guide Expert Pokémon Go is not associated, affiliated or approved by © Niantic or © Pokémon Company.

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