Family Day Find Hidden Objects Apk

Forget about all the gloomy puzzle games, escape to our most relaxing, travel themed seek and find game that’s filled with soothing nature scenes and fun riddles. Family Day Find Hidden Objects is the best adventure for you and your kids to untangle nature’s mystery anytime you want!

This clever item hunting game lets you travel between amazing scenes and uncover secrets along the way. There’s even a map that makes travel even easier but not less fun! Sit back, relax and enjoy an adventure game with puzzles that will please you!

Each map scene in Family Day Find Hidden Objects is filled with items that don’t belong. Find the objects as quickly as you can to solve the puzzle and escape to the next adventure! There are three types of hidden item scenes to complete: word lists, silhouette puzzles, and standard picture-based seek and find stages. The easiest scenes include pictures of items to match against the background. Silhouette levels only show you the outline of the hidden objects, forcing you to guess what you’re looking for. And word list levels are the toughest of all, as they only tell you what to find, you have to guess the shape!

Choose a hidden object game that’s a little different than the rest! Explore a world that’s even more enchanting while relaxing. This adventure is full of challenging puzzle games to complete, but since you get to watch a map of nature scenes travel by, it’s pretty much stress free! Just adventurous and fun!

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– A hidden object mystery that’s easy to play and beautiful to look at.
– Find every item on the list to move on to the next area.
– Three different types of stages: item pictures, outlines, and words lists.
– A handy map lets you quickly travel between scenes.
– Beautiful nature scenes to explore.

How to Play:
– Look carefully at each screen and try to locate items on the list.
– Tap an item to collect it. Work fast for a better score!
– Use the map to navigate around through scenes.
– If you’re stuck, you can buy hints to help you out

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