Farm Tribe 3: Floating Island apk download

Help Annie to build a farm on the mysterious island and to become the real farmer and a Keeper to save the tribe from “dark forces” and not to allow them to disappear in the “Ocean of eternity”.
Your farm won’t look as the an abandoned garden in the middle of the forest. You will choose that it will be, the developed farm or the small village on the island full of secrets.

In this farm simulator it is equally easy to grow up and collect plants from beds either to make food or to build manufacturing. Get funny animals, protect your garden and beds to save the harvest.
Friends and visitors of your farm will know what is really tasty food, will be surprised to your talents of the farmer and merchant.
Take advantage of the powerful ability of your island – accelerate time of growth of a harvest and time of cooking dishes according to the recipe.

– Play FREE ONLINE (Internet connection required)!
– Travel to adventures, build and move your farm between Island worlds, reveal secrets and mysteries are waiting you;
– Create your own Farm Tribe, care for it, decorate your village with a various decor;
– Find fresh recipes, harvest and prepare entertainments for whole Tribez;
– Feed and grow up cute animals – chickens, cows, fishes and even crocodiles become your favorite pets of your farm tribe;
– Meet the extraordinary inhabitants of other Islands – Worlds and become the Keeper for them;
– Save the village tribe from the “Mists of oblivion” destroying their buildings and harvest;
– Plant “fire flowers” on special beds – banish fogs, including one who sent them;
– Meet with mysterious characters and tribes, they all need your help;
– Trade with other tribes – farmers and their friends in the world market;
– Invent and realize individual design in this farm simulator;

Key differences from other games farm simulator:
– The scenario and surprising characters, will lead you to the unusual farmers Island-worlds, eventful and unpredictable plot twists.
– Invite the tribes – assistants to the farm island, busy them in your village, gather a rich harvest, sell, and please the wards with new decor;
– Decorations isn’t only esthetic pleasure for the player, but also a source of vitality for the workers making your tribe.
– Diversify the range of recipes: cook culinary masterpieces according to the recipe, but don’t forget also about non-food essentials: chairs, plates, paper and many other things;
– Make friends, exchange products, visit other farmers, share energy for workers, water the dried-up fruit trees to protect them from cutting down and to prolong their lives.
– Trade self-made dishes, set a price, bargain, but track for supply and demand on the world market.
– Fir-trees and palm trees on the island village it is not annoying obstacle – it is a valuable source of materials for manufacture of the whole range of non-foods products;
– Open mysterious chests in the village, receive daily bonuses, expand the territory of the tribe;
– The production cycle can be planned in advance, you select how many and what recipes will prepare at the same time or or in succession;
– You can buy three buildings of the same type, this not only increases the length of the queue for cooking recipes, but it also is informed by your farmer status and financial position.
– Familiar to all animals such as chickens, cows – it’s great, but where you would grow up fishes in a pond and even became the owner of own crocodile farm?
– The entire farm area it is one solid ground for creativity and self-expression: buy decor plants, twine fences, build tracks, place the trees according to your taste;

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