Fatal Fight – Beat Them Up Apk

More than 4 mln downloads worldwide. Millions of views on YouTubeHere comes new fighting game by FUNFUN Fight is a simple addictive fighting game keeps you playing it!Do you like the fighting games and Beat ’em up (also known as brawler) games? Great! Fatal Fight has stunning fighting scenes with different martial you don’t know what is a “beat ’em up”:
“Beat them up” (sometimes also called “brawlers”) is a type of action game where the player character must fight a large number of enemies in unarmed combat or with melee weapons. Beat ’em up games usually employ vigilante crime fighting and revenge plots with the action taking place on city unique fighting gameplay makes this game easy to learn but hard to
• Tapping fighting game
– You fight only with taps.• TONS OF EPIC LEVELS
– You can enjoy the game enough.• NO TIME LIMIT
– Play as long as you want.• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!
– You can play Fatal Fight offline.• GET DAILY BONUS & GIFTS
– Check events box often.• ANNOYING ADS? NO PROBLEM!
– Make any in-app purchase and you will remove ads.• OPTIMIZED ANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES
– Support both PHONES & TABLETS.
– Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.
– CLOUD SAVE: Your game progress is being saved online. You can sync your game progress between devices, phones & tablets using the same Google Play or Facebook Account.
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• , Let’s Beat Them Up!

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