Fitatu Calorie Counter Apk

The new and fastest calorie counter app. This app will help make your diet problem-free: losing or maintaining weight, gaining muscle mass or simply eating healthily. And get all of this absolutely FREE. This is more than a calorie table or a meal logbook. Join 2,000,000 people who have all been using Fitatu/Vitalia for over 10 years.

✔ It has one of the biggest food database among all apps for Android in the UK. Every day specialistic firms and users add new products to our database.
✔ Each product is checked by dietitians before being published! Duplicated products and products with incorrect nutritional values are deleted.
✔ Adding eaten products during the day takes less than HALF THE TIME compared with other apps** SIMPLY PUT: IN 2016 THERE IS NO FASTER AND SIMPLER CALORIE COUNTER THAN FITATU!
✔ 1CLICK (an intelligent selection of your most frequently used products and measurements).
✔ A handy measurement system (teaspoon, package, piece, glass, handful, slice, spoon, etc.). Now, you don’t have to wonder how much a spoon of honey or a slice of bread weighs!
✔ British dishes together with their ingredients and recipes.
✔ Dishes from chain restaurants in England (McDonald’s, Subway, Nando’s, JD Wetherspoon, Pret A Manger, Burger King, Costa, Toby’s Carvery, Greggs etc.).
✔ A ‘goal’ bar containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates is always displayed when needed.
✔ A summary of all nutritional values ( vitamins, cholesterol, fibre).
✔ Weight and waist measurements
✔ No advertisements.
✔ You can set your own number of meals.
✔ Online data synchronisation (you will never lose your data and will be able to access them in all Android-based devices or websites).
✔ Synchronisation of data with other services and apps (Google Fit, Endomondo, Runtastic via Google Fit, FitBit).
✔ We know how to effectively help you reach your appearance- or health-related goals. We have been developing for 10 years.

• Our food database currently contains 140 069 products avaliable in the UK and will eventually contain 98% of the products avaliable on the UK market.

• The application requires an Internet connection. We care about our product database, hence we want our customers to have immediate access to up-to-date product data.
• We use calorie counters ourselves, hence we have developed the fastest and simplest one. Thanks to its design and unique intelligent functions, user adds meals, on average, 26 seconds faster when compared with other similar calorie counters (according to a survey carried out for Fitatu in Poznan on June 22nd, 2015). This enables you to save over 13 hours in the whole year!
• The application remembers your quantities of products and dishes – it learns that you eat 3 slices of bread for breakfast, and you don’t need to constantly remind the app.
• After starting the app, you see today’s menu straight away.

• We use your weight, physical activity levels and goals to determine your daily calorie limit and the recommended distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
• Do you prefer setting goals yourself? No problem, do it with our app.
• The goal bar for a given day is always displayed on the app screen in a way that you don’t need to wonder or search out how many more calories or grams of proteins you can eat.

• Easy meal editing functionality
• Access to the app via a website

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