Flight Simulator Army Mission Apk

Flight Simulator Army Plane Missions o yes, your job is to do the missions that are given by your commander, Most of it is picking up loads from airports and delivering it to other airports or going to the drop zones over the battle area’s to make the drops, the plane will automatically drop the load by opening the back end of the plane

Most of the things that will be need dropping is medic box’s, Aid, Army troops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you might be given a task to drop bombs at locations commanded too.

The airplane cockpit instruments are easy to understand. The aircraft throttle gear stick use it for accelerating the plane engines and to slow them down on landings or if on a mission in mid are specially when you have to drop bombs on targets , the game throttle acts as a break too all you have to do is bring the throttle all the way back down to make the aircraft come to a stand still this will be mostly need when you have landed on the runway of a airport and are about to load or unload cargo from the back end of the plane.

another instrument we have on the plane cockpit is a arrow on the left hand side of the screen this is your main thing that you need to follow for you to get from one airport to airport the first few levels will always guide you on what to do and where to go but there are levels where you might have to make a emergency landing in bad weather were visibility is low because of the fog round the islands or over the sea and rivers

we also have a altitude gage on the cockpit screen this will come handy in for bad weather missions and missions where you might have to drop your paratroopers and getting the right altitude on your aircraft need to be crucial

There is joystick for the plane we have made the joy stick a simple button that is placed on the bottom right hand side screen that can be used with your thumb and you can maneuver the Aircraft with just a slide of the thumb do 360 turns go up in air and do nosie dives with your plane this will be very handy for levels that have enemy firing rockets and missiles at you so a good gear stick was needed and this will keep your flight in control

there is a mini map this will highlight your destinations on there in yellow to give you a general ideas on what direction you need to keep your flight heading towards and at what altitude you need to keep it in so you can plan ahead to see where your cargo drop needs to go and what speed you need to keep your flight going at

the game is designed with waypoints set out for you as the path that you need to follow most of the levels are really big so if you crash or take wrong route it will keep you straight, we have added a feature that will restart you from the last place you lost control or crashed so each waypoint acts as a spawning area so you don’t have to start all over again and most of these levels will have upto three drop off mission on each level so you could be fueling up your plane on one side and next you could be dropping tanks or jeeps on the others

a big tip from me to the players playing this game is that please slow your plane engines down to 10 percent of the sped by bringing the throttle down as much as you can on approaching the landing strip of the airport that will help you land very safely and keep the noise of the plane up in the air

Most of the things that will be need dropping is medic box’s, Aid, Army troops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you might be given a task to drop bombs at locations commanded too. This will game keep you busy and we have some surprises in the game that will make sure you keep playing

and if you love taking off plane & plane landing games try to land a plane in a war zone when enemy are trying to shoot you down or if you have been hit and have a plane on fire so its extreme and crazy at some point hope you enjoy it . will be bringing a lot of army flight simulator games like these out soon so keep checking back

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