flight simulator night plane Apk

flight simulator night plane will give you the same joy you get from playing a flight simulator but at this time at night. Flying a plane at night can be a little challenging but a lot rewarding as you get to see the view from a captains side, Flying over cities and seeing the street lights below of urban & rural areas how there street lights shine.

This is not a normal flight simulator this is army based plane that will give you tasks and missions to do along your flying experience, The levels are planed out so they start off easy educating you on the way on how to take off with your plane and how to land on runway, and slowly other stuff is included like emergency landings, missions where you have to drop off stuff in mid air.

once you start getting hang of stuff you will be given tasks like cargo drops, of medic box’s in war areas, weapon drops, troop and artillery drops

This Flight Sim is not just about dropping off tanks and jeeps there is more to it, You will be given the missions to bomb enemy targets too

The controls for the game are simple and you should get the hang of the quick, there is the throttle of the plane on the left and side of the plane that will be used to control the speed of the plane, The joy stick is located on the right hand side of the plane you can use that to maneuver the plane. Use the mini map and the navigation arrow to see where you need to be and you will get the waypoint too so you should not get confused. i hope you really enjoy this game. good luck

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