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Flute, the dictionary definition, is referred to as the generic name of non-reed woodwind instrument in the languages ​​of various types. The most common of which is flute (flauto traverso) on 19mm diameter and 76 cm in length consists of a pipe 14 or more sound openings.

breaks into a sharp edge to the air blown from the side of the nozzle hole and sound creates vibrations. Before closing the finger holes were then leveraged took its present shape with a device connected to the instrument cover. Sound holes, the width of the vibrating column of air and determine the volume of the sound, however. Opening and closing of the air hole with üfleniş format and speed, creates changes in pitch. Renaissance flute played without changes until the first format, 1720 ?? after the switches have been added. 19th ?? at ?? reputation Theobald Boehm (1794-1881) and Max Schwedler in ?? (1853-1940) took its contemporary shape with the invention. Today mostly metal (German silver), a long history of flute made of plexiglass or wood, bamboo kajnış likely begin with. Then the bones, porcelain, ivory, ebony, boxwood tree as materials were used. Starting from the 16th century flute and orchestra and military bands took part in ??. Small flute (flauta piccolo) would be 30-31 cm tall. If the orchestra is located in ?? As a high-pitched musical effects, mostly used in military music. Alto flute is a transfer (transposition) sees the instrument function. In some works of Ravel and Stravinsky ?? s was used in the original format.

outside the flute, flute being played, there are also other. The most common is billed or block flute (flauto). It is one of the oldest instruments known as block flute. It was very common in ancient times, was introduced in Europe in medieval music. Baroque music was one of his favorite instruments and flute ?? ?? The word used to describe this instrument. After almost forgotten flute block was revived in the 20th century ??. Or in the form of blocks from bamboo flute beak it has a nozzle made from maple. Air, musicians blow the air direction and flute to provide speed control for which a channel forming column ü the edge of the wooden block in the section near the nozzle of the tube uncapped 6-8 hole vardı the değiş width between 30-50 cm in about two it is octave. According to the length and width of PES and treble sonorous soprano, alto, tenor and bass are varieties.

A third type of flute, pan flute called a syrinx in ancient times. Different lengths, arranged side by side and took off consists of bamboo pipes. Musicians will get the pitch he wants to blow the one hand, the upper edge of the pipe. Pan flute, especially folk (Latin America, Romania) occasionally in classical music (Mozart, The Magic Flute) is used.

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