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Free Music Player for YouTube is a free and powerful third-party music client powered by YouTube API. It’s like YouTube music and Spotify at the same time. Access to the songs and music you love is unlimited. Great music discovery is easily and free with Free Music Player for YouTube.
Your best music player for finding and listening trending music. Million of people listen and audio from YouTube, you can find every song and music you like on the free music player.

Search the millions of free music available on the YouTube. As a third-party API client that, the YouTunes allow you to access the existed Featured Playlists of free music. Would you like Artists and Albums? Discover and expand your own music playlists, and access to Music on Demand to unlimited add your favorite songs and trending music to your own music playlists.

♫ Featured Playlists ✔
Various featured playlists of free music now available on the YouTunes. You can search existed playlists by different music genres. Enjoy the unparalleled feeling bring by the top musical performers in the world and find out the new music of recent release. However, the YouTunes is not allowed to download music, we are not a music downloader.

♪ Music on Demand and Create Your Own Playlists ✔
Do you need some help to getting started your free music journey? Use search to find songs, artists, albums, music playlists and anything you want. Get access authority to the millions of music on demand. Favorite the music you love and add it to your own music playlists. Also, you can create music playlists for different music genres, or when you in the parties, or when you are workouts, even on the way to work and so on. Wherever you’re and whatever the mood, you can directly expand the playlists of your YouTunes account, and manage them easily.

♫ Unstoppable Music ✔
Switch between any music play modes at your will (Repeat all; Repeat one; Shuffle play). Also, you can skip the unlimited number of music to listen to the songs that you want. Play music with floating player that gives you continuous listening experiences and helps you to multitask on your phone when you listening to the music, but the YouTunes is not allowed to download music. You can enjoy your favorite music videos and chat with friends at the same time. Move the floating music video player to wherever you want on the screen. Moreover, you can Play, Pause and Skip songs and music from the lock screen. But please note that the YouTunes is just a free music player, not a free music downloader.

♪ Hi-Fi Mode ✔
Have you worried about the carrier data charges when you enjoy the free music in outdoor? Although the YouTunes is not a free music downloader, the unique Hi-Fi mode will save you much more data and battery power than other any music apps else. Besides, the tone quality will be upgraded to enhance your music experiences.

♫ Synchronization ✔
Automatically sync music playlists across all of your devices.

♪ Millions of Music for FREE ✔
As a free music app that the YouTunes almost can provide everything but no free music download.

Try out YouTunes accompany with millions of quality free music to join the unstoppable music adventure immediately.

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