Gesture Lock Screen Apk

The PRO (ad free) version is available!

Draw something or gesture to unlock.
Draw letters, numbers, shapes, signatures and contextual gestures to unlock.

Add/change/delete gesture
Solid, transparent and invisible gesture colors
Single (one touch drawing) and multiple gesture strokes

Draw gesture to unlock
Enter recovery password or backup passcode to unlock
Enter password to change gesture
Draw gesture to change password
Draw gesture or enter recovery password to turn off locker
4~8-digit password length
Gesture Lock Screen is a secure keypad lock screen.

✨ App notifications for Android and newer
Show unread messages, missed calls, music player, alarm and more notifications on lock screen
Hide sensitive notification content
Single/double tap notification to draw gesture to unlock and open app
Swipe to remove notification
Custom notification background and text color
Change notification’s size and position
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable notification lockscreen.
✨ Wallpaper
5 HD theme Wallpapers
Pick wallpaper from gallery
Set live wallpaper (LWP) as lock screen wallpaper for Android and newer
✨ Screen item editor
Intuitive WYSIWYG editor
Drag to move screen item
Tap or double tap item to show settings
Drag to move settings panel
✨ Date & time
3 date formats
2 time formats: 24-hour clock (military time), 12-hour clock
4 relative positions
3 alignments
Display date in local language
Custom date & time color, size and font
Hide date, time
✨ Locker message
Set my name, emoji or any text as lock screen message
Custom message color, size and font
Hide locker message
✨ Battery percentage indicator
Change battery size
Hide battery percentage indicator
✨ Sounds
Supports lock/unlock/error sounds
Uses stock locker sounds initially
Set local ringtones as lock/unlock/error sounds
✨ Password keypad
11 keypad themes
Custom keypad color
Toggle keypad outline
✨ 3 unlock animations
✨ 9 lock delays
✨ 5 screen off timeouts
Gesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable DIY lock screen.

Portuguese – Revenger Edits
Russian – Sergey Kevlich, Void Vii
Italian – Devis Pasquato
Spanish – M. Grey Sánchez
French – Fredo Ah
Turkish – Serhat Ordulu
Latvian – itry gameplays
Romanian – Mardale Lucian

Please download Gesture Lock Screen and draw something to unlock your phone.

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