Glitter Lock Screen Apk

Finally you’ve found a glamorous way to lock and unlock your mobile device. We give you Glitter Lock Screen, a girly app for securing your favorite gadget with a passcode. Match your cheerful personality with cute glitter wallpapers and let your phone sparkle and shine! Attract attention anywhere you go with this new and stylish app for girls and protect your device with one of a kind and powerful screen locker free of charge. Swipe and enter the passcode to unlock the screen and you are ready to go. Rest assured that this lock screen app won’t let your secrets out in the open. Let a glitter bomb explode and feel the screen lock magic! Download Glitter Lock Screen for free and sparkle up your phone or tablet now!

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How to set your new “lock screen”:

1. Check the ‘Enable lock screen’ box;
2. Enter your password and then and reenter the same password for confirmation;
3. Now you can customize your cute lock screen theme:

➤ Set your background (choose among 6 images)!
➤ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting!
➤ Turn date on/off!
➤ Choose the date format on display!
➤ Show or hide battery!

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Prepare to be amazed with the sparkly glow your device will emit thanks to the glitter effects we’ve added just for your convenience. Be enchanted with Glitter Lock Screen, one and only app lock screen that is not only trendy and chic, but also very reliable when it comes to mobile phone privacy protection. The keypad lock is beautifully adorned and the protection app itself is equipped with a powerful phone password security system that no one will be able to breach. Keep your device safe from nosy parents and annoying friends with this “screen lock” and at the same time feel gorgeous and beautiful every day. Only “cute wallpapers and backgrounds” can be found here and they are waiting just for you so download this stylish app screen locker with passcode for free! Let that shining light make your day and show everyone how stylish and classy you really are!

Embellish your smartphone or tablet with girly “wallpapers lock screen” that will sparkle and shine whenever you unlock your device. Slide in any direction, enter the passcode and let glitter dust reveal the contents of your mobile phone. This cute lock screen saves your battery life and doesn’t drain it and the free screensavers will help you keep intruders away from your device. Your job is just to customize your phone and set your favorite color of the new sparkling “lock screen wallpaper”. Glam up your smartphone with a glitter “lock screen background” themes of your liking, be a trend setter among your bffs and feel like a princess everyday with sparkly wallpapers on your locked phone or tablet. Glitter Lock Screen is one of the best lock screen apps around, so don’t hesitate to download it for free!

Join all of those girls and ladies who go crazy over cute pics for lock screen. Everyone will turn their heads around to see the most beautiful girl with a sparkly phone. Adorn your device with luxurious nuances of colors and super sparkle “keypad lock screen for girls”. You will fall for these “lockscreen wallpapers” cause they are so glittery and shiny, just like fairy dust! Impressive twinkle lights decorate every glitter wallpaper for your amusement and joy! Moreover, if your best friends tend to snoop around your device and you want to keep you text messages and photos private then you need a high quality secure lockscreen app that is easy to use. If you care about mobile phone security and at the same time you want a stylish keypad on your screensaver, then download “Glitter Lock Screen” for free and be careless!

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