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Recognize your strengths, unlock your potential and be the best you….

Good&Co is a free, revolutionary, self-discovery engine based on science from both Myer-Briggs and Big-Five personality tests that assess your strengths and traits within a professional workplace. Whether you’re in college and doing your first job search or you’ve been in the same career for a while and want a change of pace or just want a promotion, we are here to provide you with the advice and tools to do exactly that!

What do you want from life? What kind of career are you searching for? Are you a Go-Getter, a Maverick, a Visionary, a Technician or a Dreamer? Good&Co offers a cool, fun, funky, fresh personality test to help you find out because everybody is unique, only you can do what you do…

Built for those looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in the workplace, relationships, and personal lives, Good&Co offers you the ability to learn your strongest traits, explore your potential and find out how you match up with your co-workers. We generate essential in-depth advice to help you succeed. Our specialist and customizable tools will guide your search for companies with cultures that fit in with your individual personality type and enable you to thrive in day-to-day interactions.

— Discover your hidden personality strengths and fulfil your potential.
— Unlock the meaning of your relationships with friends, co-workers, and managers!
— Search for and find the professional company culture that best fits with your personal traits.
— Make your job search smart by checking how you fit with companies that are after you.
— Make the workplace your bitch with science-backed insights acquired from our set of our cool fun, funky, (still fresh) psychology-backed questionnaires.
— Share the journey with friends!

Our in-depth self-discovery process offers advice to help you get to the core of who you really are and find which company culture complements your strengths. You can then amp up your employment resume and get help with humble-bragging in a cover letter. Learn insights into how to maturely interact and build relationships with others in the workplace. Good&Co can get help with your job search and let you discover a greater overall sense of satisfaction!

Traditional personality tests are cool, but they don’t give you the tools to do anything with the information. You don’t get to know yourself. Our personality assessments give you accurate advice and insights into why you work the way you work. We can tell you how to work with people of divergent personality types in various areas of employment and reach your full potential. Good&Co personality assessments are backed by Myer-Briggs and Big Five data and serve as a contemporary version of traditional personality quizzes, featuring up-to-date, personal archetypes.

Our fun assessment is a more accurate, contemporary version of a traditional personality quiz featuring modernized, shareable archetypes. It’s hard to have satisfaction in the workplace if you don’t like your place of employment. Hundreds of thousands of users have used the tools that Good&Co offers to assess their traits, identify their ideal professional career planning path then find a workplace culture perfectly matching their personality and skills.

Why use Good&Co?:

— Find out why you are the way you are.
— Assess and identify your strengths with our fun, funky, (YES, STILL) fresh psychological quizzes.
— Wander through the professional networking realm and get the personal satisfaction of finding out exactly how your personality fits among other people and companies.
— Put your career into overdrive and start cruisin’ the employment super-highway!
— Introduce science into your job search. Find companies with the best fit for you or use Good&Co to decide between job offers.

Find yourself. Find your fit. Find your future. Good&Co.

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