Happy Piano – Rhythm Music Apk

Best piano tiles music game on Android. Do you want to be a music piano master? Playing Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven songs on a grand piano ? Play this piano tiles game, have a good time.
Happy piano tiles game can help you realized your dream about music, it’s a magic, challenge, amazing, excellent piano tiles game ! The Best simulation game, tap black piano tiles Enjoy beautiful musics, Just tap on the black tile, don’t tap on the white tile and feel the melody through every magic note. Want to be a piano master ? Play this piano game ! Music, Rhythm, Piano like it, enjoy it, have a good the New Year version is fully open and waiting for you.
2017 New Year is coming, have a good time with Happy Piano Tiles game, Challenge, Magic, piano tiles game have added pop music, slider tiles and new instruments. Everyone is piano master. The game interface is simple with more function such as favorites which simplifies the research of music. Fast play enable you directly play the song that you last opened, This is the best version of Piano Tiles game with more splendid music, better gaming experience and more excited hand speed can also preview songs which you love, like Canon, Childhood, Jingle Bell, Dream Wedding, Wish You Merry Christmas, For Elise, Happy Birthday, Little Starts, etc. During a friend’s party, play a piano song, or birthday party play happy birthday song by yourself, What a wonderful time !In this piano tiles game you can control tiles fall speed by tap black tiles speed, you tap fast it fall fast, so you can control song rhythm by yourself, it’s really cool excited hand speed competition, right? Speed is important, so everything is under your control. This speed tapping melody game is definitely more challenging than you could imagine. Game rules:
Simple play, Tap on the black piano keys, it will play a pleasant music, tap fast the music play fast, tap slower and more tenderness, but pay attention, don’t touch the white tiles! Tap on the black tiles avoid the white ones! Tiles Game new features:
1. Snow when playing Christmas Piano song.
2. Rand new slider tile game play brings you more exciting gaming experiences.
3. More albums and songs of various styles.
4. Enjoy a brand-new level of sound quality.
5. Players can control their own Rhythm, the same song different people can play a different feeling.
6. Dozens of piano music, every capital melodious.
7. Beautiful piano accompanied by gorgeous interface ! Music ! Music !
Enjoy the best, magic, excited, piano tiles game, enjoy the songs, now play happy piano tiles music game !

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