Haunted House: Hidden Secrets Apk

Looking for cool hidden object games? Look no further! All the best puzzles and unsolved secrets await inside this haunted ghost house! Find all the missing treasures to escape and save the place!

There’s an old manor in town that you’ve heard wild things about your whole life. Once well taken care of, the gardener and maintenance staff refuse to go back. What lies hidden in this scary old house? What drove away the people that used to love it? Full of history, there’s no telling what you’ll find if you follow the clues and examine the evidence. Be brave and enter at your own risk. Who knows? What you find might just make you a hero!

Each room is cluttered and filled with abandoned items. Move objects carefully and eyeball everything with suspicion. Is that a two way mirror? Does that painting hide a clue? Other people have tried, no one has solved the mystery. It’s your destiny, hero! It’s time to meet the challenge.

Product Features:
Haunted house themed hidden objects game.
Many old and scary rooms to explore!
Tons of clues to collect as evidence.
3 different gaming modes! Traditional, Timed Challenge, and Super Blitz!
3 different search modes! Pictures, Silhouettes, and Traditional!

How to Play:
Use interactive controls to play the game.
Choose a gaming mode: Traditional, Timed Challenge, or Super Blitz.
Choose a search mode:
Pictures! – Kid friendly mode.
Silhouettes! – Challenging silhouettes and shadows.
Traditional! – We give you a word, you find the object.
Find all the hidden objects to beat each level.
Make history! Solve the whole house!

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