Health Pal Fitness & Pedometer Apk

Health Pal helps you to keep up your body healthy and Fit. It Records and manager your daily activities like Walking, Exercises, Calories, Water consumption to attain and lead a healthy lifestyle

Health Pal has a new additional feature to show real time status and Health reports of your daily Health related activities


✓Automatically records your walking step counts, distance and calories
✓Built-In Real time Pedometer as well as manual logging of steps
✓Daily walking statistics and Graph
✓Calories, walking speed, Distance are calculated in real time

⋆Weight loss Tracker⋆
✓Feature to log your current weight periodically and track your progress
✓Daily weight loss or weight gain statistics and graph
✓Weight loss graph is also available in main dashboard for easy tracking

⋆Water Consumption Tracker⋆
✓facility to add your daily water consumption
✓Progress viewer to check if you have consumed minimum water required for the day
✓Upcoming feature to set reminder for drinking water time to time

⋆Exercise Tracker⋆
✓Feature to calculate calories burnt for an activity
✓Log your exercise with duration and calories burnt
✓A graph to view your total calories burnt for every exercise session
✓cumulative calorie counter tool

✓create your basic profile with height, weight, age

⋆Health Calculators⋆
✓BMI, Energy Expenditure, Blood Volume and alcohol calculator
✓Blood Pressure, Ideal weight, Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Smoking cost calculator
✓Ideal weight, Body Fat, maximum heart rate, body water calculators

⋆Important Disclaimers⋆
✓Health Pal is a complete package and solution for your daily fitness and good health. The informations and contents of the Health Pal is for education purpose only.
✓One must not use the Health Pal app as a substitute for medical and fitness advice from a doctor, Fitness experts and health care providers.
✓Consult a health care provider for advice about any course of treatment or medical condition. Seek advice from Fitness Experts and Nutrition experts for Exercise and Diet activities.

We aim to add and support more features like wearable integration and automatic tracking of sleep and sugar level to the application in the near future. Thanks for your continuous support.

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