Insta square snap pic collage Apk

Insta Square Pic Size, Collage Maker, Mirror Image, Insta Shape All In One!Do you like to make your photos with special and sensitive effects, and want get more friends and like on Instagram and Facebook? Just download SquarePic(InstaBox) free, get it, win the world. With Insta square pic collage maker, you can post full size photos on Instagram with no crop, with blur,mosica background, shadow to emphasis you photo to be art, with lots fantastic with Insta square pic collage maker, you can collage you pics to show moment of your life, post mirror,shape image effects to show arts. Video and Splash Color Pop effects also provided, you square pic collage maker gets more than 79,984 five stars from the uses all over the worlds.
~ Insta square pic collage maker post full size photos on Instagram with no crop.~ Insta square with blur pip ,patterns background,gradient color background, pure color background. ~ Insta square square & size photo with fifty patterns background ~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazing creative shapes. ~ collage maker have more than hundred collage layouts,with gradient background color, make record moment amazing and special.~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazing creative shapes.
~ Insta mirror photo & mirror image effect. provide 10+ beautiful mirror effect for clone yourself.
~ Mirror image create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editor app. * photo editor with 30+ amazing filters、light、artist、overlays、lens on you photo.* photo editor with tens designed popular and artist borders.* photo editor with Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out /Rotate /Round Corner* share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Google+ or anywhere else.
Download Insta square pic collage makernow – Best photo editor app which you can post full sized photos on Instagram with no crop. any questions, feedbacks, or requests, get in touch with us:
Email: baiwang2013@

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