Investments simulator Apk

The investment simulator designed by the “Laboratoire de Recherche pour le DĂ©velopemment Local” facilitates making any investment decision.

Main Features

– Display of answers in the form of an investment table:

Instead of providing a response of the type: how much interest will I get if I put [sum] for [t] to [%] = [reply], the investment simulator proposes a table containing the periodic distribution of [ ] over the entire duration of the investment.

– Monthly or bi-monthly breakdown of acquired profitability:

The investment table, counterpart amortization schedule established for a loan, allows to know the amount of interest accrued at the end of each period, depending on whether the investment is made

– Payments or withdrawals:

The simulator distinguishes between original and invested capital and prohibits periodic withdrawals with a forecast sum greater than the original capital.

– Graphical comparisons:

A graphical tool makes it possible to compare several investments to anticipate the best profitability given initial parameters likely to influence the decision to the wrong choice.

This simulator is an open-source software, its source code is freely available at

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