Jewels Treasures Apk

Jewel Treasures is a classic Match 3 game from Game Magic Studio. There are 200 exciting levels to play. Clear all these levels and collect a treasure of jewels and gems to be the richest man alive.

How to play?
Swap jewels by touching adjacent jewels. Match 3 or more jewels to eliminate them. If you match 4 gems you will get special gem that will eliminate all gems in that line. If you match 5 gems, you get a special booster that eliminates all gems of that color.

Collect as many coins as possible by clearing the level as soon as possible. You can buy power ups with these coins. You can also buy coins through IAP to get quickly ahead in the game. You can even buy extra time and extra moves through coins.

Use bomb to blast one jewel no matter what the color of that gem. Use Hand to swap jewels even if the swap does not result in a match.

There are 200 challenging levels to clear. Each level has a different mission to accomplish. Either you have to clear that level in limited moves or specified amount of time.

By clearing each level, you unlock the next level. After every 10 level, collect the hidden treasures.
If you have any difficulties passing a level you can use coins to buy power ups, extra moves and extra time.
Find and collect treasures, complete all levels and become a pirate!

– Awesome explosion animations and visual HD graphics!
– Smooth game play experience!
– Crunchy and delicious game design!
– Stripe power ups to eliminate all in the same line!
– Pirate Mask power up to blast all of the same color!
– Social network integration!

A new Match 3 Puzzle Game by Game Magic Studio 2016.

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