Knight And Magic Apk

Wolf Village is such a happy I mean, it WAS a happy place until mysterious glowing objects began falling from the sky. Not long after that, strange and powerful creatures begin appearing plunging the Kingdom into chaos. The city elders fear the balance between good and evil could be destroyed a hero-in-training, it is imparative that you grow stronger. Only then will you and your friends will be strong enough to fight your way to the deepest and darkest places of the Kingdom. For only the bravest and most dedicated heroes will be able to clear this cursed land of evil’s deadly grip. Knight and Magic is an online mobile adventure game that carries you back to a time of castles and monsters. Offering retro-style graphics and compelling story lines, it is sure to please fans of RPG and zelda-type adventure you be dedicated enough to find the secret passage to the Lost City of Gold?

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