Kręć Kilometry Apk

Meet Kręć Kilometry! This app will make your bike rides even more fun. Join our community today and win prizes for yourself and designer bicycle racks for your city.

Kręć Kilometry includes also multiple features you can use during both trainings and recreational bike rides.

– Take up challenges, complete them and collect awesome rewards.
– Bump up your city’s position in rankings. Help it win designer bicycle racks by riding with the app! That way you can contribute to your city’s beauty and safety of its bikers.

– Track your own routes and discover new ones from our database.
– Sum up the duration of your trainings, distances, burned calories and much more.
– Analyze your results on a statistics page of your profile.
– Control your heart rate by integrating the app with a heart rate monitor (the application uses Bluetooth technology).

– Create your own challenges or pick them and more from the available list. Complete them individually or together with your friends.
– Decide which challenge fits you best: time, distance or calories.
– Make your monthly plan: choose your time, distance, number of activities or burned calories.

– Take up challenges, complete them and collect awesome trophies.
– Time spent with application on trainings gives you points, which help you reach new level.

– Find out who of your friends have already joined our community.
– Choose one of three types of statuses and tell others: what you are currently doing, what you would like to do or that you are about to get on a bike.
– Share your activities and experiences on Facebook (the app won’t publish anything by itself – you decide what you would like to show).

Please note that having your GPS running can drain your battery, so remember to turn it off after your workout.

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