Learn Numbers Time Days Months for android

Learn Numbers, Time, Days and Months for kids is a free educational game for children between 1 to 4 years.
This is a free limited version of the Montessori game.
At an early age, some kids have trouble remembering the numerals in a serial order and even have a tough time, remembering the days and months. Many even make spelling errors even after growing up. Kids are also confused looking at watches to make sense of the time of the day and even to count the number of hours/ minutes left for their favorite TV show to start.

This is an all-in-one app which will teach the kids the numbers, days of the week, months, and reading the time exactly, at any point of the day. The audio-visual illustrations are sure to catch in the memory of their minds, as young toddlers are especially kinesthetic learners, which means that they learn by touching, seeing and hearing simultaneously. Their learning depends on the senses and the interaction that they have with the objects that they are learning about.

The visual and auditory learners too will have something to know from the app, since it is bound to appeal to all types of kids. Your kid will find it fun enough to go through the numerals in a linear order or random, remember the weekdays and weekends, know the name of their birth month and even judge the time remaining for their next birthday. Also, time identification will be easier once they get the hang of the minute, second and hour hands in a clock!
Learn Numbers, Time, Days and Months for kids will always guide your kids in positive manner with enthusiastic appreciation sounds and floating balloons!
No matter your kids are of the age of preschool, kindergarten or elementary school admission, this app will help you to teach them the basic concepts of learning and enhance their learning curves.
– Very easy and simple fun game
– Beautiful real images
– HD images
– Flashcards
– Slide show / auto playing mode
– Clear pronunciations
– Works offline
– Parental control

It helps your child to:
– Develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills
– Recognize Numbers, Time, Days and Months
– Relate Numbers, Time, Days and Months to their names
– Develop sense of achievement

Does the toddler have an elder brother or sister in grade school? They can also use this educational game! Besides English, this app also supports the French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Hindi languages.
While playing with flashcards in a foreign language, a school-age child can effortlessly learn many new words with which to surprise their foreign language teachers and classmates.
The simple interface and spoken clues by human voice, allow even the youngest of children to play and learn independently!
We sincerely hope that, kid will love to play our game and learn quickly .
Please feel free to contact us if you have any comment or suggestion!
Thank you!

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