Learning Shapes – Kids Game Apk

Learning Shapes is one of our children educational games for kids of early kindergarten age – from 2 to 5 years old. With the help of learning games for kids parents will be able to turn a boring education into an exciting and fun class. Now the study of shapes for kids will become an exciting adventure for your child.
Main advantages of shape games:
– Playing shapes games your kid will get acquainted with a variety of geometric shapes – not only the simplest shapes for toddlers (a circle, a square, a rhombus, an oval, a triangle, a rectangle), but also more complex kids shapes (a heart, a flower, a foot).
– Learn shapes and fix the received knowledge of geometrical shape playing 3 fun mini-games which will not allow your baby to get bored and will provide even more laughter and fun.
– Our shape puzzle games provide learning shapes in 17 different languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, French, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and others. The names of all toddler shapes are pronounced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation. With this educational games for toddlers your baby will expand his or her vocabulary. The knowledge of new foreign words will be useful for the study of languages in the future.
– Playing shapes matching games for toddlers, your kid will not only learn smart baby shapes, but also colors and shapes. Juicy and bright toddler color and shapes are sure to attract your baby’s attention, so he or she will want to know the name of this or that color. It makes these educational games for kids a perfect tool of learning shapes and colors.
– The shapes and color games for kids are created so simple and intuitive, that its interface will not cause the slightest difficulty, even for the youngest children.
– Like our other learning apps for kids, you can download learning shapes for toddlers free. Shape games for kids free save family budget without any loss of quality in a child’s education.
What skills will your baby acquire playing shapes and colors games for kids?
– Shape games for toddlers help develop memory and attentiveness of your baby, as well as concentration and perseverance. These skills will be very useful in study at school.
– Learning shape games for kids Included in the children educational apps for free will not only help check how well your child has learned baby shapes, but also develop logical thinking, as well as train fine motor skills of your baby.
– Playing such shape sorting games for kids free, your kid learns to find the similarities and differences between different kids shapes and colors preschool, to find the necessary shape from several proposed ones. In other words, your child learns to observe, remember and compare.
What ages this shape builder is suitable for:
– educational games for toddler age 2;
– learning games for toddlers age 3;
– educational games for 4 to 5 year kid.
How to play colors and shapes for kids app free preschool:
1) The 1st game of the app is the main teaching tool in learning shapes for kids. Your baby will learn colours and shapes for kids in the following way. A certain shape appears on the screen and the pronunciation of its name follows. Three contours lower to the top of the screen, and your kid has to choose a suitable one appropriate for the given shape. If the choice is correct, the shapes and colors for toddlers is painted in a bright color. This game can easily be regarded as learning games for toddlers age 2.
2) The 2nd educational games for toddler age 3 – checking knowledge after learning shapes and colours. Here, the kid will be given eight different shapes. The task is to choose a given shape among the eight ones.
3) Kids learn shapes and again check the received knowledge. In the learning apps for colors and shapes for 2 to 3 yr old toddlers your baby will catch shapes already familiar to him. The goal of the shape puzzles is to catch only the shapes that match the shape proposed.

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